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Winter is a beloved season in the UAE. It is when everybody feels most comfortable spending time outdoors because of the milder weather. Likewise, the winter marks the closing of another year. Year-end celebrations are popular events, especially in multinational

Desperate men often show rowdiness in strip clubs. Besides shouting and harassing the girls performing at the stages they keep making nuisances which sometimes become intolerable. The popular Fort Worth strip joints and other places usually don’t entertain imbecile customers

An event is special occasion for a company that would send across a strong message about it on  a larger scale and hence it should be absolutely careful about choosing every detail with great care and concern. When it comes

Who will say No to a lovely day at an amusement park? They are a much-needed getaway for people to free their mind and get connected to their inner self. Started in the early middle ages in Europe, they began