Common Mistakes Consumers Must Avoid At Strip Clubs

Understanding and using the unspoken etiquettes of strip club can help to increase your enjoyment. To enhance your experience as a consumer avoid common mistakes, which can be waste of your money, kill your boner or get you poor customer service.

Bring reluctant girlfriend

Reluctant girlfriend will have her arms crossed, never make eye contact with dancers and her uneasiness will be too obvious in the club. Bring a date, who is willing or none of the dancers will speak to you. You will experience a terrible time associating with her very first traumatic visit.

Buying some unworthy group package

The club may offer you VIP deal on your group or bachelor party. It is clearly unworthy. You will possibly be whisked to some other place, where the ‘best girls’ will be bought. It means the ones who get fat tips for the hosts. However, you will miss many talents in the club. Moreover, never buy dumb and expensive stage dances where performers bet the bachelor.

Unaware about rules

Always ask the rules, especially if you are new to the club or area. Knowing rules can save confusion and possibly gawkiness, especially when the stripper rebukes you for not giving tips or asking you to keep your hands on your lap. You also don’t want to get shocked when a stripper suddenly sits on your lap, especially if you are used to visiting no-contact clubs. So, get familiar with the rules for adult entertainment in Palm Beach!

No excuses but say ‘NO’ clearly

Turn down private dance or company offers clearly saying ‘No thanks’, if you are not fine. The strippers feeling gets hurt, when you make excuses like, ‘maybe later’, ‘I’m married’ or ‘I am waiting for my friend’. Just ‘No thanks’ will be sufficient and you will not be bothered again.

Not asking prices

It is wise to ask price upfront, so as to avoid going over budget or being targeted by shifty dancers. If you refuse, the club may get the bouncers involved to make you pay up the wildly inflated prices [you forgot to ask in advance].

Wearing wrong clothes or sharp accessories

Lap dance can injure the stripper’s tender skin because of tough pants, embellished shirts, elaborate belts or wallet chains. Wear khaki pants but avoid sleazy thin pants. Avoiding underpants to improve sensation is strongly a big ‘NO’, it is unsanitary. Mobile phone in front pocket may get butt-dialed during lap dance, so remove it and set it aside.

Choosing to buy lap dance on basis of looks

For a better experience choose stripper based on her body language, customer interaction besides her look. Never get distracted with hot chick swaying before you, she may be a lame lap dancer.

Getting too drunk

Getting drunk to loosen up is agreed to be good, especially hanging out with friends at a strip club. But it is really wise to limit your drinking, at some point. Getting too drunk can disallow you to walk on your feet. You need to be carried by your pals, who are also drunk and they keep on dropping you. Next day, you may need to visit the hospital with complains of a severe headache.